Bolster Your Lunch Experience

Why Have Office Lunches? Two words: morale improves. Companies that provide free lunch for their employees have higher overall satisfaction ratings. And if you want to improve employee connections, ties are stronger between employees who share lunch frequently. Intercompany networking is generally deemed a plus. [Tweet "Companies that provide free lunch for their employees have higher overall satisfaction ratings."] Picture this: Bob is stressed to the max trying to navigate his … [Read more...]

How to Actually Hire the Perfect Catering Company

While the DIY route has become increasingly popular, there has also been a gradual increase of individuals calling on catering companies to assist them in events like holiday parties and other gatherings.  Planning an event involves a lot of time, money and tasks to create a memorable event…and that’s not counting food for your guests! Planning an event puts a lot on your plate (no pun intended). Make the right choice in a catering company and you will have guests drooling. Make the wrong … [Read more...]

Industrial Catering

The food service needs of large companies, industrial complexes, offices, and other groups within the business sector are many and varied. Providing meals for employees for special events, training sessions, strategic planning meetings, and other gatherings is usually expected by those planning on being in attendance.   Furthermore, providing facilities as well as meal options for breakfast and/or lunch on site at larger complexes where leaving for a meal break is considerably … [Read more...]

Moncla’s to Note 50th Food Business Anniversary With Open House

THE SUNDAY ENTERPRISE | Fifty golden years of food service to Beaumont and vicinity will be climaxed Monday by the Moncla family as Gaston and Mayrose, and their sons, A. G. and Leon and their wives, are hosts at an anniversary open house from 5 to 8 p.m. Scene of the open house will be the Gold Room, at Mariposa and McFaddin, the newest of the four departments of the Moncla restaurant and catering business, oldest of its kind in Beaumont. A lot of Beaumont history is intertwined in the … [Read more...]